The statutes of Iberian Mycological Society are available only in Spanish. Our Society has the following objectives:

    • To promote the study and knowledge of Fungi.
    • To coordinate mycologists and to serve as meeting point of them.
    • To promote the information exchange and the accesibility of mycological materials among its members and other parts.
    • To contribute to write identification keys and monographs of fungal species in our territory.
    • To contribute to the publication of scientific mycological studies.
    • To represent Iberian mycologists in relation with gathering of edible mushrooms and Fungal conservation. Representar a los micólogos ibéricos as interlocutor with public institutions in relation with the management of gathering of edible mushrooms and fungal conservation.
    • To promote actions towards the knowledge and protection of nature, especially concerning Fungi.

To accomplish those objectives the Iberian Mycological Society may undertake the activities below:

    • To create a common database to which records owned by different mycological societies or institutions can be shared.
    • To create working groups that will target any of the aforementioned objectives.
    • To promote red-listing of Fungi
    • To organize mycological events.
    • To publish scientific works.
    • To organize educational activities related with mycology..