Daleomyces bicolor

Daleomyces bicolor J.M. Castro Marcote, J.M. Costa, Mertens, Ghyselinck, M. Carbone & Van Vooren, Ascomycete.org 14 (4): 142 (2022). [PDF]

MycoBank MB845344.

AUTHOR: Martínez-Gil, R.
 Taxonomic classification

phy Ascomycota

sbp Pezizomycotina

cls Pezizomycetes

sbc Pezizomycetidae

ord Pezizales

fam Pezizaceae

gen Daleomyces

sp Daleomyces bicolor 


Apothecia up to 8 cm diam., sessile, gregarious, initially cupuliform, then often with an irregular margin and sinuous, or deformed when many apothecia grow close together. Hymenium dark, bright purple, initially almost smooth, then irregularly bulgy and finally very wrinkled. External surface initially whitish, then greyish to brownish grey, furfuraceous. Context aquous, violaceous grey.

*Ascospores 13.4-15.7 × 8.2-9.7 µm, Q = 1,5-1,8, n = 97, ellipsoidal, hyaline, biguttulate, ornamented with fine cyanophylous warts, dense and isolated. Asci 260-300 × 11.5-13 μm, cylindrical, operculate, pleurorrhynchous, difusely amyloid, with 8 spores disposed uniseriately. Paraphyses 3-4 μm broad, gradually broader towards an apex up to 6 μm broad, filiform, septate, bent, with plenty of small, violaceous brown granules, more abundant towards the apex. Medullary excipulum of textura intricata, formed by cylindrical cells, hyaline, interwoven, 6-14 µm broad, intermixed with pyriform hyphae. Ectal excipulum of textura globulosa, formed by polyhedric cells, hyaline, 15-50 µm broad, that form chains 5-6 cells long under the surface, those being broadly cylindrical, with pale brown content, sometimes forming small tuffts.

Ecology  and distribution

According to the original description, so far known from Belgium, Italy and Spain. It might be a pioneer species that occurs on upturned ground or mineral substrates, but the material described here has been collected on partially burnt wood of Quercus ilex. We have seen it during several years, in winter, within a small area of La Grajera Park (Logroño, La Rioja, Spain), on partially burnt stumps of Pinus halepensis.

References in our territory
  • VAN VOOREN, N., R. DOUGOUD, G. MOYNE, M. VEGA, M. CARBONE & B.PERIĆ (2022). Tour d’horizon des pézizes violettes (Pezizaceae) présentes en Europe. 5e partie: le genre Daleomyces. Ascomycete.org 14 (4-5): 139–164. [PDF]
Specímenes in scientific  collections

* sequenced material

RM: private herbarium of R. Martínez-Gil; JMCM: private herbarium of J.M. Castro Marcote y JMCL: private herbarium of J.M. Costa Lago.

Reference specimen marked in bold

Lo: RM-1084, RM-2192*, RM-2270.

Po: AH-57320*, JMCM PR11301191410, JMCL PR6130119233.


Sequences in public databases obtained from material collected in our territory 

RM-2192: OQ407475 (ITS)

AH-57320: OP351668 (ITS)

AH-57320: OP351686 (LSU)


Fig. 1  Daleomyces bicolor (RM-1084). Apothecia in situ. Photograph: R. Martínez-Gil.


Fig. 2 Daleomyces bicolor (RM-1084). Apothecia in situ. Photograph: R. Martínez-Gil.


Fig. 3 Daleomyces bicolor (RM-2192). Apotecios in situ. Fotografía: R. Martínez-Gil.


Fig. 4 Daleomyces bicolor (RM-2270). Apotecios in situ. Fotografía: R. Martínez-Gil.


Fig. 5 Daleomyces bicolor (RM-2270). A: Asci. B: Spore ornamentation in Cotton Blue. C: Ascospores. D: Paraphyses. A, C & D: Mounting medium water. Scale bars = 20 µm.


Fig. 6 Daleomyces bicolor (RM-2270). A: Ectal excipulum. B: Medullary excipulum. C & D: Cell chains (small hairs) on the ectal excipulum A-D: Mounting medium water. Scale bars = 20 µm.


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