Hydnum ibericum

Hydnum ibericum Olariaga, Liimat. & Niskanen in Niskanen et al. Mycologia 110(5): 900. 2018.

MycoBank MB553880

AUTHOR: Olariaga, I. & Sánchez, L.
Taxonomic classification

phy Basidiomycota

sbp Agaricomycotina

cls Agaricomycetes

sbc Agaricomycetidae

ord Cantharellales

fam Hydnaceae

gen Hydnum

sp Hydnum ibericum


Basidiomata small to medium, with the stipe equal to or somewhat longer than pileus diameter. Pileus 22–30(–70) mm diam, convex, sometimes depressed in the center. Surface velutinous, not fibrillose, ochre with pale orange tints, especially in the centre, nearly white at the margin in young basidiomata. Stipe 20–35 × 5–8 mm, cylindrical or with a slightly broader base, white to very pale ochre, slightly darker ochre when bruised. Staining often ochre when handled. Spines usually decurrent, crowded, conical, acute, white to pale ochre. Odour weak, fruity, citric-like; taste mild, slightly bitter-acrid afterwards. Macrochemical reactions not tested. Basidiospores 7.5–8.5(9) X (5.5)6–7 μm (Lm =8.2–9.1; Wm = 6.4–6.6; Qm = 1.28–1.35), ovoid to broadly ellipsoid, thin-walled. Basidia 3- to 5-spored, 45–50 × 7–8 µm. Hyphae of the apex of the spines cylindrical, thin-walled, with clavate to cylindrical ends 3–4.5 μm diam. Clamps present at all septa.


References in our territory
Specimens in scientific collections

* sequenced material

Specimens in scientific collections

B: LSS (herb. Leandro Sánchez, det. I. Olariaga & L. Sánchez)

Cc: MA-Fungi 47726*

Hu: BIO-Fungi 12330*

Lu: ECC16112305 (det. J. Alonso & I. Olariaga)

M: MA-Fungi 37660 (cf., det. I. Olariaga)


Sequences in public databases obtained from material collected in our territory

BIO-Fungi 12330: HE611086 (ITS)

MA-Fungi 47726: AJ547887 (ITS)


Photograph: I. Olariaga. Specimen: BIO-Fungi 12330 (holotype)

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