Hymenochaete macrochloae

Hymenochaete macrochloae Olariaga & Prieto in Crous et al., Persoonia 39: 309. 2017.

MycoBank MB822948

AUTHORS: Olariaga, I. & Prieto, M.
Taxonomic classification

phy Basidiomycota

sbp Agaricomycotina

cls Agaricomycetes

sbc Agaricomycetidae

ord Hymenochaetales

fam Hymenochaetaceae

gen Hymenochaete

sp Hymenochaete macrochloae


Basidioma annual, effuse, with appressed margin, loosely adnate, sometimes with raised margin when old, brittle when dry, initially orbicular, later confluent, up to 5 cm diam. Hymenophore smooth, initially smooth, minutely cracked in aged basidiomata, cinnamon brown. Margin appressed, slightly fimbriate and initially yellowish brown, smooth and concolorous with the hymenophore in older basidiomata. Basidioma section 60–130 μm thick, not stratified, composed of a hymenium layer and the context underneath. Basidia claviform, 4-spored, clampless, the lower 2/3 embedded in a resinous brown matter, 18–25 × 4–5.5 μm. Basidiospores ellipsoid in side view, thin walled, smooth, hyaline, sometimes brown, multiguttulate, non-amyloid, 5.5–7 × 3–4 μm (Lm = 6.1–6.5; Wm = 3.5–3.8; Qm = 1.7–1.8). Setae abundant, arising from the subhymenium or the upper part of the context, projecting up to 50 μm over the hymenium, subulate, dark brown, thick-walled (up to 3 μm thick), smooth, rarely with a few hyphae forming a sheath, sometimes gibbose at the base, often with a bi- or trifurcate base, (30–)69–87(–100) × 6.5–9(–10) μm. Context formed by interwoven generative hyphae, cylindrical, moderately thick-walled, often branched at a right angle, golden brown, clampless, 2.5–4 μm diam. Basal layer of vaguely parallel-arranged hyphae observed in aged basidiomata. Crystals sometimes present on the subhymenial and context hyphae, bipyramidal to sphaeroid, 2–3 μm diam.


References in our territory
Specimens in scientific collections

* sequenced material

Reference specimen marked in bold

M: ARAN-Fungi 7132, ARAN-Fungi 7133, ARAN-Fungi 7134, ARAN-Fungi 7135, ARAN-Fungi 9483

To: ARAN-Fungi 7079* (holotype; dupla in AH, UPS)


Sequences in public databases obtained from material collected in our territory

ARAN-Fungi 7079: MF990738 (ITS), MF990743 (LSU)

ARAN-Fungi 7132: MF990739 (ITS), MF990744 (LSU)

ARAN-Fungi 7134: MF990740 (ITS), MF990745 (LSU)

ARAN-Fungi 7135: MF990741 (ITS), MF990746 (LSU)


Type locality in Villarrubia de Santiago (Toledo, Spain), showing tuffts of Macrochloa tenacissima. Photograph: I. Olariaga.

Plant in which the holotype collection was made, in the center of a Macrochloa tenacissima tufft. Photograph: I. Olariaga

Part of the holotype of Hymenochaete macrochloae (ARAN-Fungi 7079) in fresh state. Photograph: I. Olariaga.

Holotype (ARAN-Fungi 7079). a) Basidiospores in water (4 spores); b= basidiospores in KOH (6 spores on the right); c) basidia in KOH, showing a gelatinous sheath in KOH. Scale bar 10 µm. Photographs: I. Olariaga.

Holotype (ARAN-Fungi 7079). Setae. Scale bar 10 µm. Photograph: I. Olariaga.

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