Lamprospora densireticulata

Lamprospora densireticulata M. Vega, Janošík, Sochorová & Martínez-Gil., Mycol. Progr. 18(8): 1014. 2019. [pdf]

MycoBank MB829601

AUTHOR: Martínez-Gil, R.


Taxonomic classification

phy Ascomycota

sbp Pezizomycotina

cls Pezizomycetes

sbc Pezizocetidae

ord Pezizatales

fam Pyronemataceae

gen Lamprospora

sp Lamprospora densireticulata



*Measurements and microscopic characters observed in living apothecia.

Apothecia 1-2 mm in diam, growing gregariously on the ground, among gametophytes of Aloina sp., sessile, initially sphaerical, then progressively cup-shaped and disc-shaped in the end with a plante hymenium surface, with hyaline and flexuous anchoring hyphae at the base. Hymenium orangish red to scarlate red, slightly furfuraceous, with a fimbriate, low, considerably paler margin. Outside concolorous or slightly paler than the hymenium, slightly furfuraceous.

*Ascospores 14.8-17.1 × 13.3-16.2 µm, Q = 1.05-1.12, n = 65 (obtained from a free spore print and calculated by applying a 95% threshold of Gaussian probability of a Normal Distribution), subesphaerical to globose, hyaline, containing a large excentric guttulecon inside that measures 9-11 µm, ornamented with a fine mesh up to 0.4 µm high, irregular and sometimes inconmplete, with 10-20 meshes on each side, of rather variable size. Asci 250-400 × 20-25 µm, cylindrical, operculate, non-amyloid, containing 8-spores arranged uniseriately, pleurorrhynchous. Paraphyses 5-8 µm broad at the apex, filiform, septate, with carotenoid content that becomes green in IKI. Medullar excipulum of textura intricata, formed by cylindrical cells, 4-8 µm broad. Ectal excipulum of textura intricata-angularis, formed by a mixture of cylindrical and polygonal cells, 15-30 µm broad and thick-walled. Margin of textura prismática formed by chains of cells with terminal segments slightly claviform, 30-50 × 12-16 µm.

Habitat and distribution: Species that occurs on the ground among gametophytes of Aloina ambigua, a pioneer moss that grows on exposed ground, calcareous or siliceous, very widespread in south Europe. Several of the Spanish collections have been found in cleared forests, public parks, botanical gardens, or in abandoned wineyards. Lamprospora densireticulata has been long mistaken for Lamprospora dictydiola, which produces very similar ascospores very similar in size, shape and ornamentation. Thus, based on our experience and the high number of collections made in La Rioja within a short period of time, we consider it that L. densireticulata must be more widespread in the Iberian Peninsula and that this sheet will contribute to its correct determination.


References in our territory
  • Rubio E. (2019). Lamprospora densireticulata M.Vega, Janošík, Sochorová & Martínez-Gil. Centro de Estudios Micológicos Asturianos (CEMAS).[consultada el 10 de enero de 2021]. (Esp: Le) [pdf]
  • Vega M, Janošík L, Sochorová Z, Martínez-Gil R, Eckstein J. (2019). Lamprospora densireticulata sp. nov., L. dictydiola and L. carbonicola (Pyronemataceae, Pezizales)—three very similar species from very different hosts and hábitats. Mycol. Progr. 18: 1019. (Esp: Le, Lo, Ma, Mll) [pdf]


Specimens in scientific collections 

* sequenced material

ERD: E. Rubio private herbarium. HBG: Herbarium Hamburgense public herbarium. RM: R. Martínez-Gil private herbarium.

Reference specimen marked in bold


Le: ERD-7506

Lo: RM-1191, RM-2430, RM-2440, RM-2447, RM-2449, RM-2431, RM-2432, RM-2682

Ma: HBG-024592

Mll: HBG-024590*


Sequences in public databases obtained from material collected in our territory

HBG-024590: MH818452 (LSU)


Lamprospora densireticulata (RM-2682). In situ apothecia. Photograph: R. Martínez-Gil.


Lamprospora densireticulata (RM-2682). A: Ascospores. B: Sporal ornamentation. C & D: Sporal ornamentation in Cotton Blue. A-B: water, C-D: Cotton Blue. Scale bars = 20 µm.


Lamprospora densireticulata (RM-2682). A: Paraphyses. B: Asci and paraphyses. C: Margin. D: Ectal excipulum. E: Ascus. A-E: Mounting medium water. Scale bars A, C & D = 20 µm; B & E = 40 µm.

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