Hydnum vesterholtii

Hydnum vesterholtii Olariaga, Grebenc, Salcedo & M.P. Martín, Mycologia 104(6): 1449. 2012.

MycoBank MB563524

AUTOR: Olariaga, I.
Classificação taxonômica

phy Basidiomycota

sbp Agaricomycotina

cls Agaricomycetes

sbc Agaricomycetidae

ord Cantharellales

fam Hydnaceae

gen Hydnum

sp Hydnum vesterholtii


Basidiomata small to medium, growing isolated or fasciculate. Pileus 10–30(–50) mm diam, non-fleshy, initially convex, plane afterward, often depressed in the center, seldom umbilicate, sometimes irregular or dimidate. Surface velutinous, not radially fibrillose, slightly hygrophanous, non-staining, sometimes vaguely zoned. Colour ochre, light ochre toward the margin. In dry conditions light ocher. Margin initially involute, soon straight, somewhat sinuous and lobed with age, sometimes slightly fimbriate, excedent. Stipe 15–55 × 3.5–5.5(–10) mm, cylindrical, sometimes tapering or broader at the base, central to completely excentric, solid, velutinous, white (155D). Staining often ochre when handled. Spines non-decurrent to slightly decurrent, sharply delimited, conical, acute to subacute, fimbriate or not, not flattened, crowded, 1–1.7 × 0.2–0.25 mm, pale ochre. Context white, ochre in the surface of the stipe, non-staining or staining ochre toward the base. Odour weak, fruity, citric-like; taste mild, slightly bitter-acrid afterwards. Macrochemical reactions: KOH + context = 0; TL4 + context = 0.

Basidiospores ovoid to broadly ellipsoid in lateral view, apiculus cubic, thin-walled, non-amyloid, (7–)8–9(–9.5) × 6–7.5(–8) µm (Lm = 8.2–8.7; Wm = 6.4–6.8; Qm = 1.27–1.30; n=3). Basidia suburniform to claviform, 3–5-spored, sometimes with scattered 1–2-spored ones, clamped, 42–68 3 8–9 µm. Hyphae of the apex of the spines arranged in parallel, cylindrical, thin-walled, yellow, clamped, with cylindrical to slightly broader ends (3.5–4.5 µm), without crystals. Pileipellis composed of hyphae forming a cutis-trichoderm, cylindrical, thin-walled, with yellowish content, clamped, 5–9.5(14) µm wide, with cylindrical and blunt ends. Stipitipellis composed of hyphae forming a trichoderm, cylindrical, thin-walled, with yellow content, clamped, 4–8 µm wide. Hyphae of the context woven, cylindrical to swollen, thin-walled, light yellowish, clamped, 4–13 µm wide. Basal mycelium white, composed of woven hyphae, cylindrical, thin walled, clamped, 3–4.5 µm wide, with some ampullate inflations at septa (5.5–8.5 µm).


Referências das espécies no território


Amostras em coleções científicas

* sequenced material

Amostra de referência marcada em negrito

And: MA-Fungi 47726

Hu: BIO-Fungi 12429*; BIO-Fungi 10452 (det. I. Olariaga)


Sequências em bancos de dados públicos e obtidas de material do territorio

BIO-Fungi 10452: HE611085 (ITS)

MA-Fungi 47726: AJ547887 (ITS)


Photograph: I. Olariaga. Specimen BIO-Fungi 12904 (Holotype). France (64): Forêt d`Issaux.

a) Basidiospores. b) Basidia. Drawings: I. Olariaga.